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Using this technology we can extend expresion of your interaction with content.
Mobile Applications
Happyusers is here to offer you vast variety of choices for mobile app development.
Presentational websites and landing pages.If you need to add some special functions, we can use hundreds of ready modules, or make some custom module for your needs.
We can configure custom store engine using tones of modules avaliable online, and make them suitable for your needs.
PHP website
Web sites on php from scratch on a ready template or with your custom template.


Crawler - PHP, angular 4, google maps API, facebook places API

It is a tool to get facebook places list from a current location area on a google map. You can see it there and also export it to the JSON file to use elsewhere. Go to detail page...

webGL, three.js, vue.js

Light Co lab is a brand new website for a factory producing elimination and lights. Website is made to impress user with high tech cuting edge web3d experiance. User is able to "visit" all the factory facilities

tree.js, webGL

This is the site to create 3D models and content of structural elements for changing the physical properties of the final printed object. For example do object made of metal that does not expanding when heated, or such that shrinks when heated. Or so that shrinks in all directions if it is to compress one axis. Go to detail page...

ZapWorks, js

3D Elephant which is added to ZapWorks. The elephant has the ability to move in space (up/down and left/right). The elephant can be tucked away by scanning zapcode. Go to detail page...


QT c++ app that helps to cut model to a defined array of slices. It uses OpenScad integration. Here you can see first version. DNZ3Q5TkdlNmMxWU0/view?usp=sharing
  • Application, which works with databases.
  • Application, which works with 2D graphics.
  • Client server application.

Go to detail page...


Free Flash template customization (not released) Go to detail page...

WebGl, three.js, PHP

3d house project preview. Can be extended with an option to upload client O2C files. Go to detail page...

WebGL, three.js, PHP, Bootstrap

This site is for the creation of 3d scenes for augmented reality by browser. It will be displayed on mobile devices with a special app and overlapped on camera images in real time - as added reality.

It is an ongoing project creating computer vision algorithms for an augmented reality scenes.

Here is project advertisement video:

Go to detail page...

PHP, Angular 4.0, Bootstrap

login: admin@tms
pass: admin
This tracker is designed for a customer from Germany. However technical description we wrote out was for the most part at our discretion. In other words, they did this system of setting tasks so it is convenient for us to use it. It is currently in BETA stage. Projects progress is stopped at the moment. Go to detail page...


Here is Java APP that we have made for Android. It’s a multiplayer network online game.
Java apps: login: “player1” ... “player5”
pass: 123 Go to detail page...

PHP, Web GL, node.js

The site provides an opportunity to analyze and modify information in the form of graphs. Simply put, this is another type of database, as an alternative to working with the table. For example, if you need to see friends of your friends when you have a table with two columns - two friends, and you need to see a list of friends of your friends. On the graph - it will be allocated circles of another color or graphic style.Go to detail page...

HTML5, drag and drop

This website allows Americans to quickly speak their mind about people from the other states.Put labels using drag End drop. Site uses ready technology - interactive map of USA. The same map is ready to use for the world continents and other countries. They also can be made interactive. And put some events in the fields of state-buttons. The site uses php and mySQL for processing and storing data. The data is stored without reloading the page - with ajax. Go to detail page...


Real estate agregator for private adds from 2 websites here in Ukraine. The goal was to find adds that have been made from private persons and not from agencies to save money of our users for them not to pay the agencie fee when they rent a flat for a short time.Go to detail page...


We used a ready-made template and change it beyond recognition. We have used advanced technology to provide the best look and functionality. It′s not just a website, it is hope. It is hope for the best for the people of the Järva region.Go to detail page...

Web GL, three.js, PHP, Bootstrap, JS(JQuery)

webGL interface for social media network to search people profiles:

Password: test

The new web model is very similar to the Universe. People are born like stars, flying in the unknown space after the Big Bang. Easy to navigate among hundreds of millions of users, because people are visible all the time. Go to detail page...


An annual five day summer conference on ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ is held at our centre in Caux, Switzerland. TIGE is an annual conference, a community and a global movement driven by the best in individuals’ motives. It is a platform for all stakeholders in the global economy, who wish to inspire, connect and encourage businesses and individuals to act according to their core values, and contribute to an equitable society and humane world.Go to detail page...

CMS, PHP, Ajax, WordPress

Child Care Center is a project of Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Ark”. He began in 2003. Our initial mission of the project we have seen the salvation of children from neglect adults, abuse and poverty. Go to detail page...

HTML 5, Magento, webGL, Three.js

Your Sports ID has been created for football fans and players alike, providing high quality, great value footballs and official club merchandise. Whether you are a long suffering partner or parent of a footie nut, or running your local Sunday league team, Your Sports ID will become your number one destination for birthdays, Christmas or preparing for the start of the season. Go to detail page...

CMS Joomla,Google custom search engine

Portal has been created using google custom search engine PHP for forum and Joomla for static pages. All functions have been created for client in extremely short time period. And fully meet client tasks. Go to detail page...

CMS, PHP, Ajax

Our company have been developing part of three.js WebGL tasks.Go to detail page...

DevalVR plugin browser, javascript

Map of the transitions in 3d photo. Two photos left and right are synchronized with each other so see the difference between modern appearance and places of historical reconstruction of the castle.Go to detail page...


Taras Prystavskyj
СEO. You can contact with him to solve a important issues.
Valera Savchuk
PHP developer, Front-end, Manager
Inventive, purposeful and ambitious, sophisticated backend programmer.
Sergij Vovk
PHP developer, system Administrator
Talented PHP, C++ programmer and system administrator.
Roman Lozynsky
Junior PM
Good communicational skills, great at resolving issues, loves positive thinking, team player, solution oriented.
Solovjov Vyacheslav
Back-end developer
Executive and mandatory if not time to execute the plan during working hours - working in their spare. Analytical thinking , ability to make decisions.
Vasyl Shypivdych
Java Developer/ Developer Oracle DB and other DB
Ability to work within tight deadlines, self-organized, team player, punctual, responsible, creative, highly motivated.
Max Druzhinin
Project Manager, Team lead
Helping to bring some amazing things to life. Responsibility of client - team communications. Improve company colleagues skills. Feel the happiness of the life.
Vitaliy Belza
Front-end developer
Quickly memorize new information and varies the knowledge gained. Self-organized, creative and responsible.
Mykola Kramarenko
Front-end developer
High level of attention to detail, effective internal communications. Responsible towards the work.
Igor Krotevich
3d graphics developer
He working on visual part of projects and helping team to add realistic 3rd dimension reaching all clients needs. Years of experience, attention to details and ability to get deep understanding clients aims makes this possible.
Yurii Tykholiz
QA Engineer
Quick mind and falconry look to eliminate all bugs. Frank, open, creative and sociable. The biggest goal is to help all programs work perfectly.

Live Reviews

Needed: Russian/Ukranian Web Scraper
Nov 2012 - Dec 2012

Taras worked very hard to deliver a complex and unpredictable project with a changing set of deliverables. He was very courteous, always on-time and generally easy to work with. As an intermediate-level programmer, Taras shows excellent potential to grow into a extremely competent developer - great asset to a strong project manager.

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Creat a webgl graphic

“very professional and competent”

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Link Analysis
Sep 2016 - Feb 2017

Taras is one of the most capable developers on top of being honest and extremely clever

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Project 12696568 has been deleted

“Yes, great job guys A pleasure making business with you.”

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Single web scraper
Oct 2016

Not the first time I engage with Taras and his team, definitely not the last
Clever, communicative, creative and externally capable

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3D printing design meta-search website
Mar 2014

Very good work delivered on time. Would definitely hire again.

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Project for Happyusers -- 2

“Excellent work”

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